2017-11-1 22:48

Once upon a time, there was a dolphin family and they were very happy everyday and their baby was always very excited, their babys name is Jumbow, because Jumbows family always goes to the place where Jumbow wishes to go. 

So they go to Ahstreya, is the other side of the forest with ukulele trees, trumpet bushes and maraca branches, and when they leave Ahstreya, they go to Chaoyang Park and when they leave Chaoyang Park, they go to Happy-Birthday-To-You-Land, is the land where we sing happy birthday. When they leave Happy-Birthday-To-You-Land, they go to I-Love-You-Mommy-Land, after when they leave, they go to buy Jumbows food, when they leave, they go home. The End.

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