Peter and the Sweet Adventure
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2019-5-9 21:18


Peter and the Sweet Adventure 

My name is Peter. The P stands for poop. Except I don’t like poop. I just like P and that’s all. 

One day I was walking on the street and something fell on my head. Only I hate dumb things falling on my head. Then I picked up what hit me. It was a t’reasure map! The t’reasure map was very old and not clear, but just clear enough for me to see. I immediately phoned my best friend Dorothy, and I talked to her about the t’reasure map. 

When I finally came home, Dorothy came to my flat, and we set off. We followed the instructions on the map until we realized that we weren’t moving. We were being sucked down, and Dorothy said, ‘We are in a swamp!’

‘I don’t know what the heck you you are talking about!’ I shouted. 

Dorothy explained, ‘ A swamp is an area where mud is very soft because there’s a lot of water in it.’ 

‘Yeah, only guess what, but I don’t think this is mud because I think it smells like chocolate, and I am going to taste it!’ I lowered my head and drank. 

Just before our mouth was swallowed up, I shouted, ‘THIS IS REAL CHOCOLATE! LET’S DRINK IT!’  

We drank and drank and drank until we became fat. As we set off again we became thin again! However, we saw a dragon that was made out of candy. As soon as we got near, he started spitting lollipops at us, but me and Dorothy caught all of them in our mouth. It tasted wonderful! That’s why we climbed on the dragon’s back and started licking it. Then we figured out that the body and tail tasted like strawberry, and the head tasted like lemonade. We both wanted to eat the head, so we started to fight. I won and I started licking the head. After we finished eating the dragon, we found the t’reasure.

However, suddenly I heard something roaring, and I thought that it was another monster. At last, I woke up and the teacher was yelling at me. Oh, it’s a dream, and I was in my classroom!

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